The Lumir Mission aims to help over 1 million patients worldwide by contributing to the scientific evidence-base of medicinal cannabis through a range of research activities.

| What is the Lumir Mission Study About?

The Lumir Mission Study aims to understand patient experiences with different types of medicinal cannabis products and what characteristics of medicinal cannabis products are associated with better outcomes, for a range of medical conditions and associated symptoms (e.g. terpene content, ratios and amount of THC, CBD and other minor cannabinoids).

This will help guide the future development of new cannabis products, targeted to specific conditions or symptoms. This information will allow consumers and doctors to make confident and informed decisions regarding choice of medicinal cannabis products best suited for their condition.

This study aims to collect real-word data from one million medicinal cannabis users to give valuable understanding to these questions.

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| Who Can Participate in The Study?

All participants must be using medicinal cannabis for a health complaint


Aged 18 years and over

In Australia, all medicinal cannabis products are available by


united kingdom

Aged 18 years and over

In the UK, medicines containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are available by prescription-only.

united states

Aged 21 years and over

| How Do I Join the Study?

Read the Participant

Information Form

To participate, you need to have read the Participant Information Form specific for your region.

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| Who is Conducting the Study?

This study is sponsored by Cannim Group Pty Ltd, a medicinal cannabis company ​based in Australia, with business interests in the US, UK, Canada, Jamaica and ​Germany.

Prof Kylie O’Brien

Chief Investigator

Australia, US and UK

Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD

Chief Scientific Officer,

Cannim Group Pty Ltd

Adjunct Professor Torrens University and ​Adjunct Fellow NICM Health Research Institute, ​Western Sydney University)

Dr Anup Mathew

Chief Investigator UK

Assoc. Investigator Aust/US

Dr Anup Mathew MD, MA, MSc, BSc (Hons), ​FRCPsych, FHEA, DCP, MDCH, DCBH, PGCDM, ​PGCCE, MAcadMEd

Medical Director Cannim UK, Consultant ​Psychiatrist

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